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-Der Vorstand-

Hamburger Hof 3
25746 Heide

Telefon +49 (0)481 – 120 80 132
Telefax +49 (0)481 – 120 85 132

Web www.region-heide.de
E-Mail info@region-heide.de


Planung, Gestaltung & Realisierung

JOC marketing
Neue Anlage 17
25746 Heide

Telefon +49 (0)481 / 42 15 71 -0


A location with power

Do you need energy?
We’ve got enough!

We are the right place for any company with high energy requirements – such as the food, pharmaceutical, market gardening or plastics processing sections to name but a few.

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Free plots

Perfect plot – tailored to your specific needs

You can choose what you need from a 56 hectare site. We create a plot that matches your specific needs. Directly next to A23 and the B5, just 100 kilometres from Hamburg.

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Service & contact

We are there for you

Personal, customised consulting is just what you need when choosing a location for your company. And that is what you’ll get from us.

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Business owner statements

"Strong cooperation,
ideal conditions"

Let the companies already located here tell you about the benefits of the Gewerbepark Westküste.

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